Scam Alert has received lots of reports from users. It seems a group or private is promising globalswift account deposit for 1000 USD sent to his bitcoin wallet.

This is a scam and globalswift never sends emails to users for any deposit services. Globalswift is just an online payment gateway. Depsoits are made by registered users from their accounts and not from another mean for thlousands of dollars deposited or sent directly to users accounts. Please note that all transactions are made from user accounts and not in any other domain or site.

A deposit in such means has no effect on users' accounts. All involved accounts will be void and restricted until further verification. Please login into your account to check your status.

Deep investigations have been made weeks ago and the involved scammer(s) have been reported to the relevant law enforcements.

Never send bitcoin in the name of globalswift. Even though the email looks like the one of globalswift never send money. Do not send money to third party.

We never ask money to users, never ask their email adress or password. Because of our privacy terms and conditions, we cannot operate this way.

We bring support mostly through ticket system. If you need help log into your account and open a ticket.

Be careful on any suspicious email you receive, we never ask users to send money to us to deposit into their accounts.

Be very careful on every domain different from ours : check if the site domain is:

Because there are many other domain that looklike to that are not ours.All below domains containing the globalswift word are not for us and are all from scamers.




If you discover more domains that are different to ours please report them to us immediately.
All these domains above are not for us and act as scammers to their sole responsibility. Be careful one more time our domain name is the most lookalike site domain name is for this site, note that there is a hyphen between global and swift be careful this is not our site domain. Again our site domain is: check if there is a SSL lock seal while accessing the domain indicating your datas are SSL protected.

If you receive a suspect email even though it indicates or something that looklike to that,report this to us. If you suspect something please contact us immediately to check if the email is well from our server or not. As it can be a spoof email. site has been updated, please register a new account or login at: